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Welcome to The Plastics Exchange Glossary.
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  Actual   Additive   Alloy   Amorphous
  Annealing   Antifogging Agents   Antioxidant   Antistatic Agents
  Application   Ask   ASTM   Back Pressure
  Barrel   Bear   Bear market   Bearish
  Bid   Black Specks   Bloom   Blow Molding
  Blushing   Breakaway gap   Bulk Density   Bull
  Bull market   Bullish   Buyer   Cash commodity
  Cash price   Cash settlement   CFTC   Chartist
  Clearinghouse   Coextrusion   Color Concentrate   Colorants
  Commitment   Commodity   Compound   Compounding
  Compression Molding   Contract   Copolymer   CoPP
  Core   Corrosion Resistance   Crate Grade   Cross-linking
  Crystal   Crystallinity   Custom Molder   Delivery
  Demand   Density   Derivative   Double top, bottom
  Downtrend   Draft   Drying   Ejection Pin
  Elastomer   Electronic trading   Engineering Plastics   Exchange
  Extruder   Extrusion   FAS   FDA
  Filler   Film   Flame Retardant   Flame Retardants
  Flash   Forming   Forward contract   Fundamentalist
  Futures   Futures contract   Gate   Good-til-canceled (GTC)
  GPPS   HDPE   Head and shoulders   Hedge
  Hedger   HIC   HIPS   Homopolymer
  HoPP   Impact Resistance   Impact Strength   Injection Molding
  ISO   Izod Impact Strength   Knockout Pin   LDPE
  Liner Grade   LLDPE   Low Temperature Flexibility   Lubricant Bloom
  Material Safety Data Sheets   Melt Index   Melt Strength   Minimum Specifications
  Modified Resins   Modulus in Flexure   Mold (n)   Mold Release
  Molding Cycle   Molecule   Monomer   Moving average chart
  Moving averages   Nozzle   Offer   Open order
  Order   OSHA   Overbought   Oversold
  Pail Grade   Pellets   Performance bond   PGP
  Plastic   Plasticize   Plate-Out   Polyblend
  Polybuthene Terephthalate   Polycarbonate Resin   Polymer   Polymer Structure
  Polymerization   Polyphenylene Oxide   Polypropylene (PP)   Polystyrene (PS)
  Price   Price order   Purging   Railcar
  Rally   Regrind   Resin   Retracement
  RGP   Runner   Screw   Seller
  Selling climax   Shear Strength   Sideways trend   SPE
  Specific Gravity   Speculator   SPI   Spot Market
  Spot Price   Sprue   Stabilizer   Stiffness
  Stress-crack   Structural Foam   Supply   Symmetrical triangles
  Technical analysis   Tensile Strength   Thermoforming   Thermoplastic Elastomers
  Thermoplastics   Thermosets   Tool   Trader
  Trend   Truckload   Up trend   Vacuum Forming
  Virgin Material   Viscoelasticity   Viscosity   Volatility
  Warpage   Water Absorption   Weathering   Yellowness Index
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