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ExxonMobils $2 Billion Baytown Expansion
September 20, 2023

ExxonMobil's recent $2 billion expansion at its Baytown, Texas facility, adding over 1.6 billion pounds of total capacity, marks a significant milestone in the company's long-term growth strategy. The expansion includes the addition of two new production units, one for Vistamaxx and Exact-branded polymer modifiers and another for linear alpha olefins. These new units not only bolster ExxonMobil's production capabilities but also offer innovative solutions for various industries, from automotive to packaging to consumer products.

Vistamaxx, a propylene-based elastomer, is a premium resin that can be run straight or used to enhance the performance of other polyolefins. Its excellent properties allows for higher recycled content in compounded products, facilitating the company's contributions to the petrochemical / plastics industry's sustainability efforts. Exact polymer modifiers cater to the automotive industry's need for lighter, more fuel-efficient parts. The new linear alpha olefins unit, a first for ExxonMobil, will serve a range of applications including plastic packaging and high-performance oils.

These new units begin operation just 9 months after ExxonMobil's Baton Rouge facility went online in December 2022. This facility added close to 1 billion pounds of Polypropylene capacity, which was set to serve similar industries seeking high performance polymers.

This expansion is in line with ExxonMobil's commitment to deliver higher-value products and make meaningful investments in the U.S. Gulf Coast. It also aligns with the company's sustainability goals, including significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

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